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Understanding Bonuses in Online Poker


Promotional online bonuses are offered by online poker sites to newbies and expert players alike when joining their sites. This is a form of reward scheme that poker companies provide to these players for choosing their site from among the many sites. But this is not all; continuously they offer other types of promotions as the player continue playing in their site making these players their regulars and in the end loyal to them. When these offers are given players usually use them in times when their luck turns against them and to be able to continue gaming, they use these bonuses instead.

The common bonuses offered:

There are different bonuses offered though they come mostly in monetary amounts but there are certain conditions that are often attached to the provision as discussed in each bonus type, such as:

1. Sign-up bonus- This is given to players who have signed-up to the site and have deposited the required amount to be a member. The amount given ranges from around $500 to $1000 depending on the site.

2. Reload bonus – Is provided to players to encourage them to continue playing at the site and depositing funds for their games. This is a smaller amount but most players valued this and consider this a help in times when they start to lack funds for their bets. Get more Interesting details about poker online on kancilpoker.

3. Other bonuses – This time varies in name, value and conditions that is altogether dependent on the site’s policies but still it is meant to reward players throughout their stay at the site.


It is always best to understand the conditions bonuses are offered so that a player will not get dismayed not getting them as he expected because he may fail to understand the conditions that goes with the offer. Treat bonuses then as a lifeline when you game seems to be in a shaky situation and not just fully depend on them to put you in the game.

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