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Dress Right! Fashion Dress Guide for Slim Women

Being skinny and slim is always the dream body of every woman. Even without regarded as “without curves”, many still find being skinny and slim is the sexiest body on earth. Well, that’s their opinion! Maybe because being slim is associated with models who walk on the runway, wearing fancy and sexy clothes projecting the image of being “beautiful”. But did you know that slim women also find it difficult to look for clothing that matches that would look great for the kind of body they have? Yes! And if you are one experiencing this dilemma, this fashion dress guide is for you!

Picking a Fashion Dress for Skinny Women

Most women apply fashion when it comes to dressing up themselves. Wherever a woman goes, may it be in school, office, party, or even just in ordinary days, fashion is always a part of their clothing. And if you have a body with fewer curves and regarded as “skinny”, here are tips for you!

Wear fashion dress with volume on shoulders and hips. This creates an illusion of curves between your bust, hips, and waist. An empire-waist dress could also add curves as well as peplum style ones. Actually, the goal of skinny women is to wear something that would add curves and weight; therefore, you should always look into these kinds of styles. This dayday chic is great source of cheap dress.

As to trousers and skirts, hide your arm by pairing with long-sleeve top with a waterfall blazer. You can also make your hips look wider by tucking in shirts. Doing this would also make your legs look better.

Choose a dress with heavy prints on the bust area. If not, you can choose something that has pleats, ruffles, twists and knots. Sequins and jewels work on women with flat bust. You may also try draping the neckline but avoid those very plunging and deep cleavage.

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